Antoine Cherel

Game Developer from France


Nudel Tag

Local Multiplayer Game

Nudel Tag is a Nintendo Switch & Steam (PC, macOS & Linux) local multiplayer game, where you compete with other waiters, to see who can get the most tips, in different restaurants.

Nintendo eShop   Steam
December 2023

Dino Cars

Multiplayer Mobile Game

Race your friends with this fun Kart-racer with funky dinos

Play Store   App Store
November 2022


Mobile Game

Archery game for mobile ! Help Gwareg, a cute bear, fight skeletons !

Play Store   App Store
November 2022

Unity Assets

Guitar Tuner

Audio Tool for Unity

Guitar Tuner is a tool made in C#, for Unity, to get the frequency or note played from a Guitar, using a device's microphone.

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Unity, C#
June 2023


Bio & Local

Mobile & Web App

Bio & Local is an app meant to find Organic farmers that do direct selling in your area (in France only).

Made thanks to

Web App (Beta)   Google Play
Flutter, Node.js & MongoDB
December 2022


Social Media

Recipeaz is a culinary social media meant for sharing your recipes with your close friends !

Google Play   App Store
Flutter, Node.js & MongoDB
Mars 2022 - January 2024 (Retired)

Holo Guitar

HoloLens Music App

Holo Guitar is a Music playground for Guitarist made for the HoloLens device. Have a virtual band play alongside you, set-up a metronome or tune your instruments in AR !

Microsoft Store
Unity, MRTK
December 2020

Jam Games

Neon Katana

PC / Mac Game

This short action game made with a single asset-pack (Cyberpunk by Quaternius) against my buddy Maxime. It was made within 24 non-consecutive hours.

It was made using Unreal 5.1, with a mix of C++ & Blueprints.

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Unreal 5.1  
March 2023

Gudrune's Dungeon

Browser Game

This short action game was my team's entry for the 2020 Mix & Game Jam. It was done in 48 hours and is playable in the Browser

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November 2020

Flower Defense

VR Game

This VR shooter was made in 3 weeks part time. My team and I built this game to demo our custom Haptic Vest IFeel! Works with any SteamVR compatible headset.

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March 2019

Merlin's Tomb

VR Game

This is a fun and addictive VR action game made in 42 hours with a team of 5 students! It was made for the Pod device! You can walk in VR and slay daemons with a fire spell and a magic sword (inspired from God of War's Leviathan Axe). Works with any SteamVR compatible headset.

Download on Itch
November 2018

Work Experiences

Lead XR Developer

At Imsimity
Working with Unity to make VR and AR applications, and working with Three.js, A-Frame & Model-Viewer to make WebAR and WebVR web-apps.

February 2021 - June 2023

Gameplay Programmer

At Eko Software
Worked with the Sport Games team on Gameplay, Animations and AI on Handball 21 and Rugby 22

February 2020 - January 2021

Freelance Developer

I started Freelancing in June 2018. Since then, I worked on multiple projects, mostly as a Unity Developer for games and VR.

Most of my clients uses Malt but you can also contact me directly.

June 2018 - January 2020